Our Philosophy

Ideas are everywhere, easy to create, and fun to play with. So at Crisp Ideas, we think the really interesting part is finding the best ones for your business, by understanding all the motivating (and de-motivating) factors that make you - and your audience - unique.

Think First

We do a lot of work before we get to work. We get to know our clients as people. We learn about what they do, why they do it and what they hold dear. We like to hear their stories and understand what it’s like behind the scenes.

Think As One

We want to be part of our clients’ team - because they certainly are part of ours. We believe that the seed of any great idea should always come from the client. Some of our favourite ideas are the ones that look like they were always there.

Think Outside the Square

All businesses have invested in systems, process, people, and technology. We involve multiple stakeholders and seek opportunities to develop ideas that build on these investments, breaking down walls, rather than reinventing wheels or duplicating expenditure.

Keep Thinking

Once an idea gets the green light and goes into production, we engage the other side of the brain - timelines, processes, resource management… all the things that make big ideas real - but that doesn't mean we stop developing our ideas and making them better.

Don't Over-Think It!

You have to keep it simple. A good idea is like a good joke - you want to share it and make it your own - and it's no fun if you have to explain it afterwards. We road-test ideas - and the way they are communicated - on ourselves, our clients and anyone who will listen. If it doesn't work on its own, then we still have more work to do.

Bringing ideas to life